About me

I love microbes.virus

I’m currently studying microbes in space, in the Space Biosciences Research Branch at NASA Ames Research Center. You can find out about some of my most recent projects on my Research page; over the course of my studies I’ve had experience working on everything from bacteriophages to bacteria to archaea to fungi, and even a few plants and animals. Find more from me at:
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In addition to microbes, I love food– and the intersection of food and microbes. I’m an avid cake baker and fermentation enthusiast, and food is often a theme in my science outreach activities— as founder of the Stanford Wine Society, and a volunteer with the UC Master Food Preserver program.

I also do outreach to students of all disciplines on behalf of the Association of Marshall Scholars, the alumni of the Marshall Scholarship program. I coordinate the AMS diversity outreach program to connect my fellow alumni with scholarship applicants, working to assist those at under-resourced schools and to make the scholarship more welcoming to students from all backgrounds.

And when I’m not doing science, scholarships, or food, I’m often dancing, or teaching dance. I’ve spent several years training in competitive dancesport, and have held leadership roles with the MIT Ballroom Dance Team, Stanford Ballroom, and the Swing Devils of the Palouse. Whatever the style, I’m always happy to be your dance partner!

Want to get in touch? Email me at jessica.audrey.lee (at) gmail (dot) com.