Outside the lab

Science outreach volunteering

I adore talking about science to all sorts of people! I’m doing that currently:

cucumbers and pickles• as a docent at the California Academy of Sciences. You can find me in the Rainforest, the Flooded Amazon Forest, the Giants of Land and Sea exhibit, and talking about sustainability in food and energy.

• as a Master Food Preserver with the University of California Cooperative Extension. I organize events around food waste prevention and teach workshops on safe (and delicious!) methods of food preservation, with a special emphasis on food microbiology and fermentation.

• with K-12 classrooms via video chat, through Skype a Scientist. I’ve talked with 1st-graders, 12th-graders, and classes in between as well!

• with high school students as part of the Methylothon project. I develop course materials and lead lessons in microbial ecology, from field sampling to phylogeny.


Writing for non-microbiologists